Steffi Vogel CD DVD & Video Game Cover Art

The cover is the face of a product and great faces are unique

A cover used to be a binding or storage form with the purpose of protecting the contents. The cover developed more and more into a marketing instrument and with the increase of the importance of the cover for what remains on the bottom line from the sales price, the quality and the creativity of the design of covers of CDs, DVDs & Video Games also increased. Now that we do not only buy books, but also utilize music albums, films and video games not only via the classical paths in a shop but also online via downloads or streaming, the original purpose of protection has become obsolete. And in spite of this, irrespective of whether you see music, films or games as pictures of the size of stamps – so-called Thumbnails – or in large on the monitor of a computer or of a smartphone, they all still need a visual representation. This representation must discern itself from other products in the world of total digitalization, in which no longer only a limited number of products are positioned in shelves, but digital works from all over the world compete with one another in the cyber world. Designers must make these products exciting and attractive. Covers are the faces of products. It is well-known that the faces of beautiful people follow certain symmetrical rules and attract with charisma. The face of an attractive CD, DVD or Video Game functions in exactly the same way. The rules of the respective beauty are lent individual character that reflects the content and attracts customer target groups. A cover is even a static trailer or teaser for the content. A good cover forms the basis for marketing materials and is often found on T-Shirts, posters etc. A cover generates expectations. A cover is product identity. A good face makes the living and surviving of a product easier. Design creates great faces.

Steffi Vogel CD DVD & Video Game Cover Art creates individual and unique covers for songs, music albums, films and video games with a combination of artistic and graphic design skills.