Steffi Vogel Event & Show Design

Communication Design creates bridges to customers and audiences

The word communication originates from Latin and among other things means to unite. A bridge is a structure that is built to unite A with B using the most direct way. The design of a bridge is adapted to the terrain, in which it is to be found. The design of a bridge determines its durability and its memorability, like that for example of Roman aqueducts that are not so easily forgotten. Whoever communicates creates an invisible bridge to his audience or to put it differently an emotional interface This should be as direct as possible, eye-catching, have a high memorability factor and . character, so that this bridge is preferred to those of the competition. Whoever, as a part of his corporate communication, plans sales presentations or exhibits at trade fairs, conferences, congresses or other events and shows, wants to build a new and stable bridge to his customers or business partners with his trademark communication. In addition to the natural charisma of a good product and of a good presenter individual and talentedly designed video wall, projection screen and interactive wall pictures and extraordinary presentation design create quick, impressive and grasping visual bridges to customers. Advertising design, booth design, rollup design, digital signage board design and banner display design that are eye-catching and remain in positive remembrance, make your presentation to a real aqueduct of advertising and marketing. Impressive flying banner design or so-called aerial advertising or sky marketing is the icing on the cake for event marketing. Whether at press conferences, sports events, cultural events, sales promotions, product launches or business events, design decides the type of emotional appeal and thus the functionality, purposefulness and durability of the communication bridge that forms between you and your customer. Build on experience with design!

With the background of a graphic designer, who has been working for television and for businesses for many years and with the diversity of range of a freelance artist Steffi Vogel Event & Show Design creates conceptually strong and individual banner, rollup, signage board and trade fair booth design and creates fascinating content designs for projection and video walls for cultural, private and public events. If desired, Steffi Vogel Event & Show Design is also glad to work hand-in-hand with your professional event agency, with your trade fair constructor or with your event manager.