Steffi Vogel Presentation Design

Authentic design underlines compelling speeches!

The art of a good presentation is visible and audible authenticity combined with competence and character and high value of recognition and rememberability.   Customers and business partners do not want to read your speech, but to hear and feel it. The brain grasps images and graphics much faster than words. For this reason less content on presentation slides is often much more.  Pictures and graphics embody your topics. Pictures, images and graphic elements work best when they are innovative and not to be found everywhere in the presentations of the competition. However, with presentations especial value should be placed on combining high-quality pictures with high-quality design, as image quality and visual language play a large role in the perception of the quality of your product and in the trust placed in your company. The often to be found dance of the many font types does not only seem amateurish but often diverts attention away from the topic, as the eye is busy trying to find out what is not quite right and  thus full attention is not with the words of the speaker. Good presentation design increases the audience’s attention and suggests competence and quality. A presentation should have an authentic effect whilst leaving room for spontaneity and humour and still following corporate design.

Steffi Vogel Presentation Design does not only develop concepts for design lines for company presentations but also creates high-quality pictures and graphics to your theme that charismatically underline your authentic content without forgetting corporate design. Steffi Vogel Presentation Design also develops and provides upon request a suitable handout to your speech.