Tradition is a relay race of fascination and not stagnation for innovation

The traditional four-line „Gstanzl“ (rhymed Bavarian satirical song) is well-known and has been at the latest since the famous Bavarian folk singer Roider Jackl, who has been immortalized with a memorial fountain among other places at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich. There are not many women who sing Gstanzl. Accompanied by her traditional zither Steffi Vogel sings charmingly cheeky and humorous Gstanzl in Bavarian or in standard German or in English at business events, for delegations, at anniversaries and at private events. As her versed songs are customized for the events, they ensure jovial interludes to any programme.

Gstanzl are also suitable for cabaret or satirical shows as a type of „Bavarian Rap“. Thus, Steffi Vogel has been performing under the name „Hühneraugen“  for some years now with versed daily and sport news in different costumes  and with a good portion of acting elements. With this she catapults the Bavarian tradition of singing Gstanzl into modern times.

In her seminars Steffi Vogel uses the “Gstanzl” as a means of integration, directing Gstanzl in foreign languages with translation into German or directing Gstanzl in other dialects with Bavarian translation. She applies the Gstanzl in recitative style for strengthening the self-confidence of the pupils and creates an interdisciplinary reiteration or immersion of different subjects in a different and humorous framework.


Steffi Vogel – Traditional Songs (PDF)

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