A bird does not think up any barriers or limitations. It just flies.

The name Vogel (= bird) says it all. Steffi Vogel’s wings span from graphic design for the business world and from television via singing Bavarian four-lined Gstanzl in English, standard German and Bavarian to giving training and seminars. As a qualified graphic designer with years of experience in company graphics for well-known companies and also with TV studio graphics in the projection wall and graphic design for TV programmes and reports and internet graphics and with several awards for her art, this Vogel brings a number of feathers with her that can be used to embellish her assignments.

With her graphic and logo design Steffi Vogel has won several first prizes in the calls for tender for ministries, regional marketing and diverse corporations.

If there is one thing that this Vogel likes, then it is getting other people and projects off the ground and making them fly.