Steffi Vogel Book & Magazine Design

A bookshelf is also a stacked art gallery – full of images and graphics!

Do you remember the last time you bought a book, magazine or newspaper that you had never heard of before – irrespective of whether this was in hardcopy or online? What was it that made you decide to buy it? Before you could read the title, you saw the cover or title page. The colour and the form attracted you – similar to a particular piece of art in and art gallery. Why do you read your favourite book again and again or why are you a loyal subscriber to a newspaper or magazine or regularly visit an online newspaper? You feel at home with the factual, literary or journalistic content and also with the visual content in corporate design that fits this. Whether non-fiction, fiction, fiction, novels, biography, business book, drama, poetry or children’s book, whether business magazine, customer magazine, daily newspaper or lifestyle magazine, cover design is crucial for the decision to buy. Customer target-group oriented design, that transports the content and character of the work, is called for here. For series of books or regularly issued magazines or newspapers recognition value is important. That is nothing other than Corporate Identity – Department Art & Graphic Design. Content-Design is also important for customer or rather reader loyalty. Magazines distinguish themselves from one another with their so-called „Look & Feel“. Good design is an important factor for success for books, magazines and newspapers and makes every bookshelf – whether at home or in the online library – into a real gallery of art.


Steffi Vogel is a graphic designer and a freelance artist.  With this combination of art and graphics, with a large amount of specialist knowledge from own business activities, with practical knowledge with cover design for well-known organization and business magazines and after intensively studying your theme and content,
Steffi Vogel Book Design designs book covers and title pages and delivers unusual and reader retaining picture illustrations created out of graphic design elements or out of art illustrations developed individually for the topic using the most different techniques. Steffi Vogel Magazine Design creates covers and important visual content for newspapers, business magazines, bank magazines, organization magazines, customer magazines and lifestyle magazines. Steffi Vogel Cartoons & Illustrations ensures interesting and unusual picture content, topical eye-catching and striking theme representations and funny cartoons.