Steffi Vogel Business & Corporate Design

Corporate design clothes businesses!

Everyone knows the quote from Gottfried Keller “Clothes make people”. First impressions count. Corporate Design (CD) is silent communication and often creates the very first relationship with your customers. It is the visual clothing of the company. And this relationship wants to be looked after with a uniform corporate identity (CI) and with comprehensive communication design, in order to be able to come to fruition. Conceptual design is important for company logotypes, emblems and signs, letterheads, business cards, flyers, company brochures, marcom materials, packaging, formats for presentations, press kits, digital presences and much more. Fonts or typefaces, colours and colour nuances, picture formats play a very important role here. Corporate & Business Design is not a fluke of fashion and is also not a product of chance, it follows a total strategy. The art of good corporate design lies in finding a characterizing, recognizable fresh design that creates a bond of confidence with your customers. After studying your company, its products and your target customers intensively, Steffi Vogel Corporate Design creates a design line for your company and records this in a booklet, so that you can apply this again and again to all of your new marketing and communication means. Steffi Vogel Business Design offers business stationary and corporate identity tools – created in accordance with your own design line.