Steffi Vogel Images for Websites

Design on the Internet takes place according to WWW = who, what, where!

Experts are sure – there are more than one billion websites worldwide – and this number is growing by the minute. If you decide to go online with a new homepage, then with this URL (Uniform Resource Locator) you are immediately visible worldwide. It is disputed whether an Internet page is a business card, a company brochure or an online marketing machine. What is certain is that websites are intended for customers. And so that your customer does not understand “we want to walk-away” under WWW, you have to enthuse or wow him with your internet presence. Although good website programming, technical functionality, responsive design, fast loading of the internet page, the information to be found on it and SEO are extremely important, some studies show that the design of a website is the factor that most influences the trustworthiness of a company or product on the net. Excellent visual language, logos and total design offer the framework of a trustable web design. With fast-moving digital communication, it is becoming more and more important to make content quicker perceivable and easier to process. More is less. With well-chosen pictures with the right perspectives, forms and colours you can save yourself and moreover your customer a lot of text. Striking pictures can transform a website into an experience for customers and quickly deliver marketing messages.   High-quality images emphasize high-quality services. And if you take a look at the visual communication of some of the most well-known companies, then image-based communication speaks to customers without overwhelming them with too much information. A good website must have character and distinguish a company from its competitors .A good designer knows, who he is talking to and what needs to be placed where, in order to transport the character of the company to give the customer what he is looking for on a good internet page. Web design is an art that requires creativity, artistic talent and a look through the customer’s eyes, in order to create individually designed images that cannot be found on every other website.

Steffi Vogel Images for Websites works hand in hand with your professional Internet agency or Internet-Programmer and provides well thought-through and eye-catching pictures for your website. Together with your Internet agency Steffi Vogel creates and designs individual screen designs that are customized to your customers. Steffi Vogel Web Redesign advises and supports you in the redesign or new design of your Internet presence. Steffi Vogel Images for Internet Agencies supplies images, collages and graphic design content for web programmers and Internet agencies.