Steffi Vogel TV & Theater Design

Design is one of the important differences between moving pictures and pictures that move you!

Graphic Design underlines the core information contained in moving pictures. With this type of visual communication you are able to reach your audience quicker, since images are registered much quicker than words. For your TV programmes, video productions, your image film and your events with digital walls or projection screens, you need someone who does not only concentrate on the film, the filming angle, the perspective, the graphics and image content and the image positioning. You need someone who combines all of this with an eye for audience, for your customers and for the aim of the programme, the video or the film. Steffi Vogel is a graphic designer for Bayerischer Rundfunk TV (BR) and for the ARD (regional and national public broadcasting stations in Germany) and also had this function for Pro7, Kabel 1 and DSF (private broadcasting stations in Germany). For decades she has been delivering high-quality studio graphics, on-air graphics and off-air graphics for moving pictures. Her project management of the introduction of projection walls at a public TV station and her dynamic wall content for business programmes, international journal programmes and political programmes offer a wealth of practical knowledge with various technologies. With this knowledge she manages design content for projection walls, interactive walls and rear projection video walls as well as TV projects for companies. Steffi Vogel TV Design conceptualises and designs professional graphics for TV, sets a scene for moderators and companies, emphasizes programme content with design and graphics elements, works with gripping and exciting image and graphics positioning and harmonic visual language and is able to deliver experienced studio consulting.  Steffi Vogel TV Design is your professional partner for graphics for media productions and visual communication – not only for film, TV and business TV but also for events of all kinds.
With an eye for the audience, the visual implementation of the content of a theatre play and with artistic diversity Steffi Vogel Theaterdesign delivers graphic design and art for scene settings and stage design for theatre plays.